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Available Services

Looking to travel soon or just getting your passport process started ? Apply for a Nigerian Passport Renewal Now

This is a one time travel document or certificate.It is only valid for a trip to Nigeria. It serves as an emergency document for when you need to travel urgently. Call us today to find out more. Apply in person at our office at

Nigerian Passport Services

8046 Roswell Rd, 101B, Atlanta, GA 30350

Getting a Nigerian passport, saves you the stress of getting a Nigerian Visa each time you travel to Nigeria. What are you waiting for ? Apply Now.

International Driver's License

An International Driving Permit allows an individual to drive a private motor vehicle in another nation when accompanied by a valid permit from their home country. Apply for your International Drivers permit today when you need it.

Nigerian Passport Services

8046 Roswell rd, 101B

Atlanta, GA

We understand how complex this process can be especially for a first time visitor and we are here to help. We aid and assist you with getting a Nigerian Visa and give you updated information on your visit to Nigeria. Go ahead and call us on how to start your application today.

Guided Tours

Fly with us to Nigeria as we explore and experience the beautiful and the most popular country in Africa.We offer a guide tour twice a year June and November to show you the best of Africa's continent.

Call us today, to get more details.

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